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Oh God. I write on tumbrl, the word wil explode, I feel it.

Tagged by alister09 (aka fantastic Ali ♥, the fanfiction’s author that I had spammed with so much pride ʘ‿ʘ). I try to answer but my English is so bad, so sorry me, please ç__ç *flogging* 

Rule1: Always post the rules.
Rule 2: Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked and write 11 new ones.
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Rule 4: Actually tell them you tagged them

Questions answered:

1. Current OTP or OTPs?

Ok, in the first I wondered “What is Current OTP?”, but I went to search it and I say… OTPs of course. Yeah, I know you know(xD) that I have the most important OTP that is Cloud&Aerith, but I love many other couples <3

*cofcof Clerith for ever* (I’m like a baby)

2. Last fandom you became obsessed with?

Psycho Pass. I really love this anime, I think I’m becoming very pretentious about anime and manga but this work has satisfied me so much.

3. A language you’d like to learn

Oh many many languages, I would like to learn particularly Russian, Japanese and Spanish.

4. Most beautiful city you’ve ever been to 

Venezia, w gondolas! (sure -.- to climb I should open a loan). I see it only one year ago but I think Venezia is one of the most particulary city in the world. I wouldn’t live ever there but it is like a artwork that I love to see.

5. A fictional character you’ve got a crush on

Oh God… How many names should I say? I’m scared ʘ‿ʘ Ryo Saeba, Patrick Jane, Kogami Shinya, Jinpei Matsuda, Cloud Strife, Cid Rains (sbav), V for Vendetta? (LOL)

6. A celebrity you’ve got a crush on  

Oh nothing to say, Johnny Depp. And Gaspard Ulliel! After Ian somerhalder, Elyas m’barek… oh stop, I will never finish.

7. Cats or dogs? 

Ooooooh, this is a very very very cruel questions. I can’t choose if I think in general, I love them (I kiss them all time like a maniac OuO) but if I think to my dog… I say dog *bau bau*

 8.  Which was the first book you read in your life? And which is the last? 

Romeo and Juliet. It seems like prodigy baby but I didn’t understand it but (lol) I liked it and started to get interested to theatre texts.

9. Favourite moment of the day?

In this period 12, there is so much light.

10. Favourite social network?

Tumblr *yeah, I’m strong*

11. Name a song that you associate with a particular moment of your life

I choose this period, my current life, so this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FnuUchQQDpU

My questions:

1. Talk about an object that is important for you.

2. Do you like crossover couple? Say one.

3. Do you prefer tomatoes or carrots? ʘ‿ʘ

4. Your favourite Disney Film and why.

5. Your favourite videogame and why.

6. About what you’d like to write a fan fiction?

7. Singing in the shower or not?

8. Are you a good cook?

9. Last fandom you became obsessed with? ( i copy Ali’s answer, yes yes OuO)

10. Post a song that represents you.

11. Talk about a funny or strange event of you and a fandom.

Yes, this questions have no sense OuO

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